Vintage Electronics

I will be adding a store for vintage electronics here soon. I am in the process of setting things up now and you will be able to hopefully find the things you are looking for and I may even set up a special page for you to sell your things as well. Read more »

Recover that wasted light energy.

Hi guys. I know I have not posted in a while and I have something in mind that I think could be useful for large buildings to recover some of the costs of lighting. LED’s are now all the rage in every kind of lighting situation and can save some serious money. But what about […] Read more »

Micro Meteorites and Mars

There are two great hazards of prolonged space travel that come to my mind. One is micro meteorites and the other is cosmic rays. The chance of micrometeorites causing damage will increase immensely because of the amount of time the vehicle is in space and traveling and be a huge chance for mission failure as […] Read more »

Space Travel On The Cheap

It just occured to me that we could explore space on the cheap by landing on comets and meteorites that were passing close enough to earth to catch. This would provide long range travel without the need for fuel and would allow us to send probes off in every direction. We could also build a […] Read more »

Remote Power Generation

I had this idea a few years ago. You can use a stream source. wind, or other kind of rotational force to generate electricity and pipe it remotely to drive a generator. The best part is there are no electric wires needed as the generator will be where you need it and not at some […] Read more »

Resistance / Reactance

In electronic circuit analysis we must know some things about the circuit itself.  One of these things is it’s resistance or reactance.  Reactance is basically resistance in an AC circuit. The equation for resistance in a series circuit is to simply add the resistor values.  R1+R2+R3…Rn. Read more »

Ohm’s Law

Ohm’s law is the foundation for all electronic circuit analysis.  The law in words, states that the current in a circuit is directly porportional to the resistance in the circuit.  The formula is E=I x R.  This is the voltage in the circuit is equal to the current times the resistance.  From this we also get […] Read more »

Welcome Aboard

Welcome to 3D Electronic Circuits . com  We would like to thank you for visiting and hope you will come back again.  We will have new content available very soon as this website is brand new. Please leave any comments or suggestions for the site and we will try our best to make your next […] Read more »


Welcome to 3d Electronic Circuits .com. We are going to be bringing some new concepts to the world of electronics here and are also going to be covering the more general electronic theories and circuits. My basic theory for building true 3d electronic circuits can be found on “The Theory” page. I am also hoping […] Read more »