Water Heater Redesign

If you live out in the sticks I am sure you have noticed all of the crap that builds up in your water heater and makes you have to buy one after so many years.

What I want to know is why they have not tried my way.

The way a water heater is cold water goes directly in the tank and hot water is lifted from the bottom of the tank via a tube. This means all of the sediments that are brought into the system are allowed fall to the bottom of the tank and collect there and form chunks of what is essentially concrete.

My idea is to use a tube that goes around the inside circumference of the tank from the cold water side to stir these sediments every time a fill is made. This will allow the small particles to be picked up and carried away when any water is used.

You would not have to use all of the fill water – just divert enough to stir it up. By spiraling the pipe around the tank it would create a spiral action in the water like a mini tornado. You could also do it in other designs.

Do you own water heaters that use electronic controls? I suggested that to ???????? Water Heaters years ago. They might have already had that planned before I sent them my letter but I know that I did not get any thank you’s, money, or anything else back from them. All I know is that a few years later they were on the market. Of course this kind of stuff is all nice and legal as long as there was no non disclosure agreement signed and it was not solicited by them.

So this idea is just being put out there. Be careful who you share with or they will call it their own. Publishing is the best way to establish yourself if you cannot afford to copyright your idea I think. Then everyone else has to prove they had it first.