Remote Power Generation

Well, here it is. My radical approach to using the power of water, wind, or other rotational means to generate power remotely without the use of long power lines.

My approach to this is very simple – the use of an air compressor and an air motor.

Using running water you can power an air compressor and using air line which can be almost any type of pipe you can transmit the air pressure over distance to run an air motor. This way there is no need to have to have the generator near the prime mover as this is much more expensive when it comes to running copper wire. Plastic piping is very inexpensive and will last for a long time when compared to copper wire.

The air driven motor may be expensive but the overall costs should still be much cheaper. Air compressors can be had from almost anywhere for a little of nothing. Junk yards are full of them and most can be simply rebuilt if they need to be repaired.

You also will need a storage tank for your air but again these materials are also easily had. Hot water heaters and other of these types of storage tanks will will work and are easily found in junk yards and everywhere else. Tanks can also be plumbed together for more storage if needed.

You will find that line size is a very important factor as you will need to maintain a certain amount of cfm’s of air. There are several several places to find the formulas needed to do this. I use one of those pocket formula books that have formulas for most everything.

I have not built a working model of this yet because I have not had the money to do it but I still have plans of doing it in the future – if there is one.