The Theory

The big topic these days is saving money. They are doing it everywhere.

One area that I think that has been overlooked is in the area of electronic design.

My theory to save even more money in the electronic area is to eliminate redundancy in electronic circuits by using components over again through the use of timing circuits.

If you have an electronic design that has 100 led’s that is going to require 100 resistors. Why use all of these components when you can use one resistor for the entire circuit and a timing circuit to control it?

Here is a rough diagram of what I am proposing.

This circuit uses 4 led’s. The timing circuit is a ring circuit and it will sequence through the lights and all will share one resistor.

This circuit is incomplete as I do not have a way to test it but you can get the basic idea.

I am hoping to be able to provide kits for this later so that you can build it at home.